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The Peter Carreras Print Collection

Peter CarrerasThe Peter Carreras Midsummer Exhibition held at Farley Farm, Chiddingly in July was another great success.

Like its successful predecessor at the St Anne's Gallery in Lewes last autumn, the exhibition raised funds for Sussex Heritage Trust, the nationally registered charity to which Carreras has donated his life's work. Born in 1921, and recognised as one of the county’s most lively and original print-makers, Peter Carreras was educated in Worthing, where he now lives. "From the age of four," he says, "either playing along the sea shore or, later, walking the Downs with my friends, I grew up feeling that Sussex was a part of me." Other Sussex towns where his work has been exhibited include Horsham, Chichester and Arundel.

Sussex Heritage Trust has had the good fortune to receive from Peter Carreras, the distinguished Sussex artist and printmaker, a collection of his prints which span a 25 year period of his life. The prints are hand worked by the artist in limited editions and are notable both for their imaginative quality and for their technical achievement.

Peter says of the gift, “In offering the bulk of my remaining work for the benefit of the Trust I hope that the discipline which came to me late in my life will not be lost on those who care for line, colour and content"

As a result of this generous donation the Trust has established the Carreras Capital Fund which will receive all proceeds from the sale of the prints. The Fund will help to underpin the Trust and will enable it to expand its advisory and conservation roles.

Prints are available to purchase from the Trust and can be viewed in the gallery below or at